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Savannah Restaurants: Latin Chicks Restaurant Review

Savannah Restaurants: Latin Chicks Restaurant Review

I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now and just recently decided to have a sit down at Latin Chicks for my lunch this past week. I’d seen the restaurant in passing and read an article on the hows and whys of it’s opening in a local paper and it intrigued me. I love supporting local business’ and love to see them thrive and grow in our local economy.

I went directly to their website and it mentioned the fact that it was an idea fostered from two Armstrong students back in 2009. They realized that this area was lacking in the Latin cuisine arena and decided to open Latin Chicks. All I know is that their idea became a reality and the restaurant is doing well.

On to the food!

A coworker recommended that I try the Ropa Vieja with rice. When he mentioned they also had plantains I almost left work right then rather than wait for my lunch.

After looking over the menu I decided on the 3 meat platter with two sides. The cashier was pretty awesome and let me make my 2 sides 3 with no charge which made me pretty happy. My three proteins were the Ropa Vieja,  the Coal Fired Chicken, and the Pulled Pork.

Ropa Vieja (right)- This dish was a slow braise of shredded beef and peppers with onions. It was cooked down in a flavorful tomato sauce. The flavors will remind you of a dish your grandma would have slowly cooking on the back burner in her kitchen while she is cleaning the house. There was no heat spice wise and it was super comforting.

Coal fired chicken (left)- It was reminiscent to me of a slow cooked rotisserie chicken with a bit more of a char to the skin. The skin was nicely flavored with earthy spices including rosemary.

Pulled Pork (middle)- The pork was super moist and achieved it’s tender texture from also being cooked low and slow in the oven. There weren’t many spices in this dish and they weren’t really needed. My only complaint with this dish would be the excessive grease that the pork was served in once it got to the table.

With the above mains, I ordered a side of yellow rice, black beans, and of course-my plantains. The yellow rice had specks of peas and carrots flecked throughout and provided a nice background for the meat I ordered. Both the beans and rice could have been taken a level higher with a bit more seasoning including salt and pepper.

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My favorite dish was the ropa vieja and (of course) the plantains. The plantains were sugary sweet with the perfect tooth. I washed my meal down with a tall cup of Passion fruit juice which was super refreshing.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and warm and the employees seemed helpful and pleasant. I also thought their wifi sign at the table was cute.

When you walk in you order at the counter, receive your drink, and then your food is delivered to your table. I’d recommend the employees perhaps do at least a once over check after the customer receives their food to make sure everything is o.k. Other than that recommendation, the service was overall good. There’s a variety of seating available for guests to sit at. I’d just recommend the staff be a little more aware of the cleanliness of the dining room since the table I sat at was sticky.

Would I go back? Yes! I’d definitely go back to Latin Chicks in Savannah. I’d probably stick to my favorite dish (the ropa vieja) and maybe do the white rice next time with pinto beans…and plantains. 🙂 If you’re ever in this area and scratching for some local Latin food, then you should give Latin Chicks a try. It’s truly an awesome thing to support local business’ whenever you can, because it’s supporting the locals that live here!
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10 thoughts on “Savannah Restaurants: Latin Chicks Restaurant Review”

  • Great review, made me very interested in trying this restaurant!

  • Hey!
    Wow, sounds great. I wonder if they have any awesome vegetarian meals there also? I happen to be a fruits nuts and veggie person myself and I have always loved the Latin flavors.
    Thank you for sharing. If i was still eating meat, I’d LOVE the 3 meat plate too! delicious!

    • Hey Sandra! I think you’d be perfectly happy with the non meat items they serve here. I’d be happy with just a plate of the plantains:) lol

  • Oh my god! This looks so good. I just ate and I’m totally craving for this now. Ah I wish I could go there some day. It looks like a home cooked meal. How cheap/ expensive is t? I’d love to give a try if I visit somewhere around there.


    • Hi janani! Thanks for the comment:) This dish (w/ 3 sides) runs about 15 bucks, but I also ordered a passion fruit juice so after tax it was a little under 20 bucks.

  • Confessions: I have never been to Savannah. I am a total foodie.

    Visiting novel and interesting restaurants and travel are things I love to do. This is a great review of what looks like an awesome restaurant with great food. I really want to visit Savannah as my next city now!

    • Sweeeet David! If you’ve got questions on restaurants to visit when you get here gimme a holllller! I’ll give you the scoop!:) Thanks for stopping by and sharing some comment love:)!

  • Thanks for the review! I Love to travel and am always looking for local restaurants that can be trusted. Best!

    • Thanks Greg:) Hope you can make it to Savannah and visit all the awesome restaurants we have here:)

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