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Georgia Coffee Roasters: Perc Coffee of Savannah

Georgia Coffee Roasters: Perc Coffee of Savannah

If you’ve ever ventured into a coffee shop here in Savannah you may have happened upon an amazing cup of coffee that just so happened to be roasted in a local company called Perc. What I didn’t realize was that Perc (besides selling wholesale to local coffee houses) had opened a storefront for all to enjoy.

I’ve had who knows how many cups of this coffee crack and ran into a bag of it when I was wondering around Lucky’s supermarket one afternoon. Lucky’s stocks goods from local companies-I really dig it. I’m not gonna lie, as much of a coffee hound as I can be, I’ve been a fan of the k-cup for quite some time. Please don’t mail me any dead fish. I’ve changed my ways.

Some Quick K-Cup Factos:

It was only after watching a documentary recently, that I realized just how bad k-cups actually are for our planet.

*Although the cups contain recyclable material, the cup as a whole cannot be recycled.

*In 2016 The New York Times reported that in the prior year (2015) Keurig Green Mountain (which actually owns Keurig) sold more than nine billion traditional plastic coffee pods in that one year alone.

*These little cups, if placed head to head, would be able to circle the earth roughly 10 times. And none of these said cups could be easily recycled.

That’s Insane!

Not only is that insane but just straight up ludicrous! Keurig has since made about half of its k-cup supply recyclable and hopes to have the entire supply that way by 2020. But just as the article says, just because something IS recyclable, doesn’t mean it will actually be recycled.

So where does this story take me? Or YOU for that matter?

Well, for me, it changed my coffee buying habits. No longer do I scan the grocery ads looking for the latest sale on my favorite k-cups. Instead, I grabbed that bag of Perc coffee (the Ethiopia Kayon Mountain-Dear God it’s my favorite) whole bean and took it home to grind…one cup at a time.

I also grabbed my 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased an Aero press after some research and due diligence. Of course, my plunger of a coffee maker isn’t something you’d pull out when friends are over for dessert and coffee because it’s a one cup process. But that’s what makes it so good!

The Roasting “Room”

Where The Magic Happens

So how exactly do they squeak so much awesome flavor out of those tiny little green beans? Welp, first off Perc sources their coffee beans seasonally so you’ll get the best tasting beans which also means that they’ll change up every now and again too for that exact reason. There will always be a new bean or blend for you to taste and fall in “new love”with if your current favorite is off the shelf.

They source only high quality Arabica beans that are hand picked and processed before making their way to Savannah. The processing is done one of three ways: natural, hybrid, or washed. This information is located on each bag of coffee you buy as well as the origin of the bean, the elevation, and the tasting notes.

Once the beans are at Perc, these professional bean roasters create a roast profile for that specific bean by finding the exact charge temperature, heat application, airflow, and batch size to achieve the most bodacious flavor possible. It really is a science. And you can taste their dedication in each varietal.

My experience

This place is pretty dope. You feel comfortable walking through the door. The location is in a part of town that is slowly being revitalized but do lock your car and maybe hold your keys in a manner so that they can be used as a need be weapon while walking to the safety of the shop.

I love the decor, the smell of coffee, the tables, and the super clean environment. They have giant communal tables to sit at as well as individual work spaces for students to sit with their laptop and coffee. There’s seating at the “bar” where you can watch your barista do their

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magic. They were open to questions about the different types of coffee drinks they sell as well as the specific beans and gave me some recommendations to try. I also got a free cup of joe with my purchase of a bag of beans. That made me pretty happy.

The atmosphere is very laid back and my eyes stayed busy looking at all the roasting equipment and overall decor.

Two women sat at one of the communal tables discussing food and name dropped pretty much every famous chef you could think of. A dude that literally looked like Jeff Bridges in the Big Labowski sat right beside me as I sipped my Guatemalan pour over. He was even wearing the SwEaTeR! As far as I know, is it even sweater weather right now in Savannah? It’s like a cool 68°. He told his coffee partner (and former student) that his “studio” was right around the corner and smacked away on his super crunchy (at least from my ears perspective) croissant.

I tried to not listen to any of these conversations but they all oozed with such pretension that I couldn’t help but catch a line or two strictly for my own entertainment.

Hey cool places attract cool people, or those that think they’re cool. I myself am pretty damn hip.

The coffee was delicious and had a depth of flavor that you’d use to describe wine….yes, that good. It’s like I could taste the earth, the sun, and all the love that helped it grow..all in one cup. It was definitely a pleasure for the senses.

Should you go?

Yes! Hell yes! Just go talk to the barista’s. You may even find yourself talking to an

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owner and not even realize it. Try a pour over coffee. Ask about it. Check out the roasters. Buy a bag! Don’t forget your free cup of coffee that comes with it and check out

the cool merch they sell as well. I love local and Perc epitomizes local coffee for me. I’m sold! If you’re not here in the area check out their website and grab a bag or two of beans. They have sample boxes available which enable you to try a couple of different varieties to see what YOU like. Their website is:

What kind of cool coffee shops are where YOU live? What makes em’ cool besides the awesome coffee? Hit me up below:)

12 thoughts on “Georgia Coffee Roasters: Perc Coffee of Savannah”

  • I do love me a good cup of coffee! Bitter is better is what I always say. As for how wasteful k-cups are, those statistics are insane! Maybe there will be a market for reusable cups soon. Like ones that spring back to life that you can put the next cup o’ grounds into. I’m just thinking out loud here.
    Anywho, I love places like this. They have so much character. If ever I make it to Savannah, I am going to check it out for sure! Thank you for the eye opening stats and a potential tourist attraction for my next Georgia trip 🙂

  • I enjoyed reading this article with my morning coffee. At first I wanted to be jealous of your weather but then it occurred to me that my wintry landscape is precisely why I am sitting here enjoying a second cup with one of my favorite bloggers. I love school delays!

    There are several coffee roasters in my community but I have not taken the time to explore them yet. After reading your story, I definitely want to. 🙂

    I’m glad to know that you have changed your ways in regards to coffee-making methods. The keurig is my least favorite. That was my only option at a recent airbnb stay and I was astonished at how much trash I accumulated in just a few days!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the aeropress. I think I’ll purchase one before I do any more traveling.

    • Thanks Theresa:) I agree on the keurig. For Valentine’s Day my mom bought me coffee… Oh well. One household at a time I guess.:)

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I am originally from Italy and we love coffee!

    I have been living in England for 9 years now and I still have not found a place where they make good coffee. It is always so watery and if you ask for things like cappuccino or latte, they just make them boiling hot 🙁

    I am planning on visiting a friend in South Carolina either this year or the next, so I will definitely try and visit Perc Coffee as per your recommendation. It does not seem to be too far, looking on Google maps 🙂

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Cristina! Oh Italy has the BEST coffee. I lived in Sicily so I can personally attest to that! That’s crazy that you can’t get a good cup in England. lol I guess you’re supposed to drink tea! I hope you have a great time in SC:) There’s so much to do there too!

  • As a coffee lover, I would like to thank you for this thrilling trip you took me to this amazing place!
    Such an inspirational place to visit with coffee being the heartbeat of all. Love the roastery and I could spend days in there learning all the secrets of coffee roasting. I have been a Coffee Shop Manager for years, I can definitely say that these guys do know what they are talking about!

  • Hi, I’m Jerimy, and I too was a k-cup junkie. I’m not proud of it. It was just..too easy you know. :-p

    Everywhere I travel, I am always looking for the local brew and next time I’m in Savannah, you’ll know where I’ll be! I’ll be sure to bring an empty suitcase to fill up with beans to bring home. You did a great job of making this place sound irresistibly delicious and fun. Where else can you meet a Jeff Bridges doppelganger?

    Thanks for helping me to find great coffee for when I visit Savannah.

    • lol. Where else can you find one?? hahaha. Thanks Jerimy:) Hope you find your way here and to there! Enjoy:)

  • There’s nothing quite like a local roaster/coffee shop! Even though I live in rural TN, I’ve discovered we have a number of amazing roasters in the area. Savannah is a place I’ve passed through a couple times but have never stayed and explored as long as I would have liked. So it’s definitely on my list of places to revisit. And now, thanks to you, I know just where to go to get an amazing cup of coffee (though I’m a tad nervous about that whole “hold your keys like a weapon” thing…). Perc Coffee sounds like my kind of place. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • lol. Thanks Cheri for stopping by, reading, and commenting. And I apologize for making you nervous. Just pull your car directly on the sidewalk, you’ll be fine. 🙂

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