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Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes: Melon Ball Madness Bowl

Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes: Melon Ball Madness Bowl

Who says melon balls are out? I’m counting them back in! How cool do they look? And so easy to pop in your mouth for a quick refreshing bite. It’s been so long since I used my melon baller that I somehow (uh, haven’t used it) misplaced it. Luckily, I found one for a gem of a price at BBB. And no, that’s not the Better Business Bureau (I went to Bed Bath and Beyond:) ). The cool thing about the one I picked up is that there’s a melon baller on each end of the handle and they’re different sizes so it enabled me to make my melon bites two different sizes, which makes for a pretty cool presentation.


Melon is at its peak right now and I started thinking about fresh fruit salad recipes about a week ago when I saw that the “King of the West” honeydews had found (or rolled) their way back into my local Publix. If you’ve never had a King of the West Melon than: #1 Stop reading.#2 Get in your car. #3 Drive to your local (or not so local) Publix (Cause that’s the only place they can be found)  #4 Purchase one now. #5 and #6 Thank you.


King of the West honeydew is a melon grown by Turlock Farms for Publix Super Markets. The area these guys are grown in is known as “the salad bowl of America,” or Salinas Valley, because it’s responsible for producing about 70% of America’s lettuce. The warm days and cool nights provide the best conditions for these melons. The melons are also allowed to sit a bit longer on the vine to help them get the sweetest possible flavor.

melons lilchefchic

If you’re not in the southeast and can’t get your hands on a super sweet K O’ the West just stick to a standard honeydew. I’d recommend having one of the seasoned produce people pick out a good one for you. Usually the best indicator of ripeness is the stem end of the melon. It will give to slight pressure from your finger and will have a sweet melon aroma. The same goes for cantaloupe as well. Watermelon is more of a booger in this arena and all the thumping, knocking, and telling it a joke won’t get you far in knowing if it’s a good one. I have had some luck with the whole “sugar spot” theory. Supposedly the bigger the sugar spot, or that yellow spot where the melon sat its butt on the ground, the sweeter the melon. I’d say, do yourself a favor and ask the produce expert(s) in you grocery store.

Benefits of Melon

Watermelon has a high water content with honeydew coming in at a close second. All three melons are high in Vitamin C and potassium and are a a good source of Vitamins A and B. The water content alone helps aid in everything from digestion to kidney function to healthy skin! Melons also have a large amount of carotenoids which help fight cancer. Melons are low in fat, calories, sodium and are cholesterol free.



The following recipe could be made without the dressing easily. The fruit is so sweet right now the dressing is just the icing on the cake. But the cake is Great all by it’s lonesome. Grab your scoopers and let’s get balling!


Melon Ball Madness Fruit Saladmelons galore lilchefchic

1/2 Cantaloupe

1/2 Honeydew

1/4 Watermelon ( I purchased a quarter at the market)



1 orange, juicedorange juice lilchefchic

1 1/2 tablespoons honey

3 mint leaves, thinly sliced (chiffonade)

1/4 cup to 1/2 cup watermelon juice



Make your dressing. Whisk honey starting with 1/2 Tablespoon into your orange juice. Taste. If you like the sweetness. Stop. If you’d like a more pronounced honey flavor add the entire tablespoon and one half. Stir in mint. Set to the side.

Using your melon baller. this video. It’s super quick and very helpful.

Man, that made it muuuuch easier for me to explain..well, her to explain.

Once you’re done scooping arrange the melon in a pretty bowl and gently pour dressing over. You can garnish with additional mint if you’d like. Serve immediately.

This should be consumed within three days. Store in fridge:)


It’s summertime! What are your favorite summer treats to help beat the heat??

12 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes: Melon Ball Madness Bowl”

  • Wow. you have just given me another healthy recipe to add to my books. I never knew Melon was good for your skin and also for fighting off cancer.

    The recipe looks easy to do I think I will be trying it over the coming weekend.

    Great article thanx

  • Wow. My children and I LOVE melon. I’ve never really gone in for the whole melon balls thing though, but you’re right because it does look very appetising and it’s probably a lot less messy to eat! My children just tend to wade on in and get covered in melon juice!
    I like you recipe as well and although I haven’t yet got a melon baller (is that the right word?) I’ll be on the look out for one from now on.
    Love the picture of the melons after they’be been got! 🙂
    Have a great day. Gail

  • Great way to eat and stay hydrated in the summer heat:)

  • Wow, you made me get up and grab the half watermelon in my fridge…. I absolutely love melon and have bunches growing out in the garden. But alas, it will be a while for mine to be ready where I live. But I am gonna save this article for when my melons are ready to eat.



    These look so delicious. I am really big into melon this summer and have been eating a ton of cantaloupe and water melon.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing idea because I have never even heard of making melon balls before. My family would go nuts over these!
    I am going to share this with my siblings and will have to try these with the kids!

    Great article,


    • Hi Russell. Please do! Kids love doing this recipe. It’s so easy to make and even more fun to eat!:)

  • Hi Jennifer, we eat a lot of melons but it never came to my mind to use a melon baller. Thanks for this great idea and yummy recipe!

    • Hi Nathalie! Thanks so much:) So easy tooooo! Hurry up and make this before all the good melons are gone! lol

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