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Food Truck Vendors: Savannah Food Truck Festival goes off with a bang!

Food Truck Vendors: Savannah Food Truck Festival goes off with a bang!
The Savannah Food Truck Festival!

The Food truck festival was held this past weekend in Savannah and had a great turnout-both trucks and people! It has only been one year since food trucks were legalized in Savannah and what a great way to show out. The Savannah Food Truck Association (SFTA) coordinated the festival. There were 29 trucks offering everything from fish tacos, cuban sandwiches, barbecue, and fish and chips, to delectable desserts like cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches. I got to the event later than I would have liked due to my work schedule Sunday but I still had a great time food and people watching. The park was full of people laughing and enjoying the entertainment, or laying out on the grass enjoying their chosen grub. Several people brought their dogs and a lot of the trucks accommodated the pups with water bowls and even treats.

The Dark Shark and Chazitos Latin Cuisine were clearly two of the crowd favorites which was made obvious by the long lines stretched out on the greenery.

darkshark foodtrucks lilchefchic

chazitos lilchefchic

After grabbing some food, patrons had a chance to check out retail trucks that had things for sale like children’s clothing and housewares, as well as unique knick knacks. There was also a brew truck on site for people to grab a fresh cold draft beer. A huge blow up slide and bouncy house were set up for the kids and a live band played for everyone’s listening enjoyment.

A couple of trucks actually sold out of food by 4 p.m.and several menus had to be edited due to the high volume of items sold already. There were several interesting menu’s and one truck (Braised in the South) used the festival as an opportunity to sell some merch as well. The owner of this truck was another popular pick with the attendees. Braised in the south, out of Chaleston, SC. was a contestant on “The Great Food Truck Race” on the Food Network and has obviously gained a devoted following.
merch foodtruck lilchefchic

Overall, attendees couldn’t have asked for more. Beautiful weather, live music, things for the kids to bounce around in, and awesome food. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
There are quite a few foodie towns in here in the states that hold similar festivals and it’s common for truckers to use Facebook to reach out to their hungry fans. Usually they’ll post where they’re gonna be on what particular days and the set up changes sometimes day to day. What’s your favorite food truck and where are they located? How far would you drive to get your favorite treat from your favorite truck? Lemme’ know…down below:)

8 thoughts on “Food Truck Vendors: Savannah Food Truck Festival goes off with a bang!”

  • I am a serious foodie and love searching for and trying the many different food trucks in my area with is Milpitas CA. One of my local favorites is called Capelo’s barbecue which serves incredible smoked and grilled food. I love the variety these trucks bring when they gather and I always have a hard time choosing which one to order from.

    I have been wondering if there is a place online that I can find food truck location gatherings in my area. Any ideas?

    • Hey Patrick! Yum! Capelo’s sounds awwwesome! I’ve had the best luck actually with facebook. There’s a whole group dedicated to just food trucks and you should be able to search Milpitas that way. Once you’ve found a few favs you like to frequent you can keep up with them on FB and know where they’re going to be parked (on what days of the week/hours, etc) so you don’t miss out on some amazing grub. Foodies (myself included) are what keep these guys busting out amazing food on the daily:)

  • I love these festivals but I have not seen one that sold retail goods. Here in Las Vegas, we have a food truck party every first Friday of the month always a good time.

    • Hey Rodney! It was my first time seeing retail trucks too! Maybe Savannah has started a trend??! Vegas always does everything big. I’m sure those food truck parties are so amazing!

  • What a fun and exciting weekend that must have been. Very cool that they legalized food trucks. there seems to be a good energy that surrounds these food truck vendors. I guess anytime the community can gather and eat is why. I know when my wife and I have stopped at these to eat we always meet new people and have a great experience. Mexican food is our best loved choice, however I would have loved to have been at this gathering in Savannah.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thanks Mark! Hopefully they will be doing these festivals three to four times a year from this point on, so you and your wife need to get to Savannah…now!:) I love Mexican food as well. As a matter of fact I had that for dinner tonight. haha. And you’re right, the best part of food and these kind of events is community-getting to really know the people in your town. Thanks for the comment!

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