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Chazito’s Latin Cuisine: Savannah Restaurant Review

Chazito’s Latin Cuisine: Savannah Restaurant Review

I had a coworker mention this place to me a couple of days ago and told me I should check it out. He used to work in kitchens and said that this guy could really get down on some grub. I had a movie date with my boyfriend planned for Saturday, so I thought I’d surprise him with a lil latin cuisine for dinner.

Chazito’s Latin Cuisine is located in Pooler, GA and started as a food truck venture. Chaz and his grandfather got the food truck running after a lot of work and determination in wanting to sell the cuisine he so loves to the local Savannah community. The brick and mortar restaurant that is now in Pooler opened only last year after much success with his food truck venture. Chazito’s specializes in Latin fusion; combining Puerto Rican, Cuban, Caribbean, and Colombian influences.

Saturday Date Night!

We pulled up to the restaurant and the parking lot was packed. Latin music was booming from speakers outside and a few women were laughing and dancing with not a care in the world by the outside picnic tables. We went inside to order and were greeted with the warm smile from a young woman behind the counter and the wonderful aroma of…..pork! After a lot of heavy debate we placed our order and headed outside to the available sitting areas.

abuela lilchefchic

The owner, Chaz, was outside roasting what I’m guessing was his hundredth pig for the day (kidding) and came over and asked us how we were doing and what we were having.

I decided on the “casa de la abuela”, or grandma’s house. It was deep fried mojo chicken, white rice, potato stew, and sweet plantains. It also included some fresh cut avocado and a dipping sauce for the chicken. Our smiling hostess from inside brought us out our food and everything was super hot and the presentation was beautiful. There was sooo much food! The rice on it’s own was just plain white rice-but top that sucker with the potato stew– and wallllllup!! in yo’ face! Delicious! The mojo chicken was marinated with mojo mojo love and seasoned perfectly. I’d say the deep frying part was more of a deep, deep, deeeep fry cuz it would’ve been mucho bueno on the fIrSt fry, but the awesome marinated meat well than made up for the over frying. The dipping sauce was really tasty and even my boyfriend couldn’t stop dipping his food in it. The plantains were off the CHAIN delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them.


His Dish

My beau was informed that it was in fact the first Saturday of the month so they had roasted pig available (On the first Saturday of every month they roast a whole pig (maybe 2, 3, 4, or more?? outside the restaurant). Along with the pork, he got a tamale, beans and rice, and sweet plantains.porkroast lilchefchic

The roasted hog was really good and it had a real nice hunk of crispy skin attached (he let me eat the majority of that:) ) He really enjoyed the rice and beans and plantains as well. The tamale was like a savory steamed pudding wrapped inside banana leaf wrapping paper. The corn forward masa was the first thing you could taste which was balanced with the sweetness of banana and the porkiness of shredded pig. Again, HUUUGE portions! Honestly, the two of us could have shared just one of the meals and walked away completely satisfied.

The owner looked at us a little strange when we left sooo much food behind. Believe me, it was not because we wanted to! We weren’t going to be home for another 4 hours and I didn’t have a cooler! lol

I’d say the biggest compliment for the food was actually from my boyfriend when he said he felt like he was back in Nicaragua eating with the local families again. While he was visiting the country, the locals would make these huge family dinners for all of the missionaries and volunteers that day. He said the food was so good and so comforting.

I will definitely be going back to Chazito’s soon. I’d like to try …well, EVERYTHING! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it through to dessert on my next visit-and I’ll make sure I get my leftovers to go this time!

Chazito’s Latin Cuisine  is located at: 217 US-80, Pooler, GA 31322


8 thoughts on “Chazito’s Latin Cuisine: Savannah Restaurant Review”

  • You make it sound so delicious! Will definitely have to add it to my list when I come down for a visit!!

    • Please do Stephanie! Chazito’s is in Pooler (15 mins outside of Savannah) so just wait til you make it to the city of Savannah! Holla at me when ur down here and I’ll recommend so more places!:)

  • I’m always a foodie and this makes me feel so hungry. It looks so yummy. I’ve tried Puerto Rican food but haven’t tried that specific dish. Is the one wrapped with leaf a tamale? Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! Sorry I left you hungry! I was soooo full after that meal! And yes, it was a tamale. It was stuffed with roasted pork and bananas and…delish! 🙂 Stop by anytime:)

  • Woooow this looks great! I’ve never had authentic Latin food before! The way you described the dish’s in combination with the pictures got me pretty hungry lol! And it’s cool to see how they started from a food truck, then successfully went into a brick and mortar business!

    • I will tell you now. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT. Get outcha seat and get some
      Thanks Jerome for visiting and leaving a comment!

  • I am Puerto Rican and all this food reminded me of the food back home! The tamales are called “pasteles” in spanish and are a little different from Mexican tamales. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Daybe:)I’m glad the post reminded you of home..isn’t it funny how food can transport us?

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