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Best Bone Broth Recipe

Best Bone Broth Recipe

So, here we are. Winter. At least they say it’s winter. Even though it’s a balmy and wet 62 whole degrees outside here in Georgia.

I’ve noticed a lot of things lately (besides the strange weather) and it includes a lot of sniffling noses, coughing, and body aches. What is up with the weather and people suddenly falling ill? People here in this area always blame our crazy, wackadoo weather conditions on the sudden health ailments of everyone but it actually has very little to do with that at all. It’s just the simple fact that people are spending a lot more time indoors as opposed to outside. And when you think about the fact that a major holiday just passed and people did what? Hung out with tons of family members INDOORS in CLOSED IN areas. People together. Tight quarters. Germs abound. So with all these colds, the flu, and viruses being spread around I started thinking that maybe I needed to up my defense. Besides my normal dose of gummy adult (yes, adult) vitamins I take I’ve also been downing a glass of orange juice a day for better measure. I’ve been thinking a lot about bone broth lately and perhaps incorporating that into my routine as well.

I got a reminder from Facebook this morning saying that exactly one year ago to the day I posted about making stock. So funny that today, in my crock pot, sits a mess of bones and vegetables and herbs for just that.

I watched a video the other day with Ben Greenfield who is a brain and body coach and well known biohacker. He wrote a New York Times bestselling book called, “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, and Life.” In the video he talks about how to make your body the best body it can be. A lot of tips are reinforcing what most of us already know, such as getting the proper amount of sleep, staying away from sugar, and exercising. But he delves deeper. He tells you what supplements to take and why, the proper ways to exercise, as well as little things you can do to improve your daily performance as well as improve sleep. One of the things he mentioned was taking a regular dose of collagen. You can catch his video here:

So, What Exactly Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that actually accounts for 1/3 of the total protein found in our bodies. It’s the glue that holds our bodies together. It is found not

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only in the skin but also in the bones and connective tissue. Loss of collagen starts occurring in your mid twenties and usually becomes more pronounced in your 30’s with loss of elasticity in the skin. Of course there are factors that can cause rapid or premature collagen loss such as smoking, large sugar intake, sun exposure, and autoimmune disease.

There are some things you can do to counter this loss though and it includes taking the recommended dose of Vitamin C, which helps synthesize collagen, and eating foods that are high in alpha-hydroxy acids which are found in vegetables, fruits, and milk. The best vegetables to consume are dark leafy greens like kale and spinach. Fruit-wise, stick to berries, which are high in antioxidants. And eat proteins like salmon, tuna, and grass fed beef which are high in Omega 3’s. This is where the bone broth comes in.

What’s Bone Broth?

Let’s forgo the bone broth hype and call it what it is. It’s stock. It’s not fancy. It’s not boujee. It’s bones. It’s water. It’s vegetables and herbs. It’s the base of soups. It’s the backbone of sauces. It’s necessary. And it’s so simple to make. A good stock is not only rich in flavor but rich in body, too. And it’s full of collagen. And since collagen is found in bones and bones are used in stock, why not drink said stock? And call it something fancy like, hmmm, bone broth?

Roasted Chicken stock:

  • 8 lbs chicken bones and trimmings (I’m using back bones)
  • 1 pound mirepoix; chopped in 1″ pieces (1/2 pound onion, 1/4 pound celery, 1/4 pound carrot). <Or one large onion, 2 carrots, and 2 stalks celery chopped.>
  • 1 satchet of cheesecloth (lil bundle) with: 10 parsley stems(leaves removed), 8 sprigs thyme, 1/2 teaspoon black peppercorns, 2 bay leaves, 2 garlic cloves. <Or throw it all in sans cheesecloth. It’ll get strained out in the end anyway. >
  • Olive oil (about 2 tablespoons)
  • Salt (kosher or sea) and freshly cracked pepper

Follow my link here to grab the full instructions for my Roasted Chicken Stock. 

Today I followed that recipe exactly. The only difference in the recipes was that for this crock pot version I did not roast the vegetables with the bones and added the vegetables after putting the bones in the crock pot. I also cooked the stock for a total of 8 hours.

Instructions for Crock Pot Bone Broth:

*Brown the bones in the oven at 425° for one hour and place them in a large crock pot.

*Add fresh raw vegetables for this version and cover with water about an inch from the top of the pot (about one gallon of fresh cold water).

*Cover and turn on high. Once stock starts boiling uncover and skim surface of impurities and turn to low. Cover with lid.

*Cook on low heat for 8 hours.

*Strain though fine mesh strainer.

*Cool down to room temp.

*Refrigerate or freeze. This makes 10 – 12 cups of beautiful gelatinous stock

bone broth lilchefchic

All bagged up and ready for the freezer!


I’ve been inspired to drink stock. Half of this will find its home in my fridge for me to consume like a cup o’ coffee and the other half will go in the freezer. It’s kind of the perfect time for inspiration isn’t it? Heading into a New Year. Making little tweaks here and there, and maybe even a complete overhaul for some. I think I’ll start with this simple little tweak by adding a cup of “broth” into my daily routine. I know what went into it because I made it. It doesn’t need a fancy label to tell me that..or a 12 dollar price tag.

Have you jumped on the bone broth bandwagon? What are your thoughts and/or experiences with this trend? Comment below!

24 thoughts on “Best Bone Broth Recipe”

  • Excellent information on the benefits of Collagen for the body. Looks like a great recipie to do and add the healthy benefits to our diet!

  • I love this recipe. I am kinda getting tired of the store bought containers and know I can save a lot by making this delish bone broth. Thank you

    • Thanks Lourdes:) You will save a ton and it’s so much better than store bought. I’ve gotta package up and freeze all the “broth” I made yesterday. I’ve got a gallon of it and will be posting a clip on Youtube showing how it should look when it has cooled completely:)

  • Thank you for sharing with us this fantastic post on best bone broth recipe.It Looks delicious by seeing it and I wonder how it tastes.

    It seems that Collagen is very important to our body and this recipe contains it.I will give it a try .

    Happy new year for you and your family.

    • It tastes delicious! Now go turn your crock pot on and get to cooking! 🙂 lol Happy New Year to you as well Julienne:)))

  • Wow!  That looks so delicious.  I remember my mom and grandmother making broth when I was a child.  I never really understood why they would make what they could just go to the store and buy until I was older.  Since reaching middle age myself, I now am trying to eat more healthy and that includes more home cooking.  I plan to bookmark your page to save this great and yummy recipe.  Broth in a crock pot, what a fabulous idea.  

    I do have a question though, if I may?  What is the purpose of browning the bones in the oven first. Sorry, but a total newbie to healthy home cooking here.

    • Hi Kelly:) You can actually skip the browning of the bones if you’d like. It just adds more flavor and is considered a roasted chicken stock. If you decide to just cook everything together at one time you’ll have a lovely stock as well but it will be lighter in flavor and color.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about bone broth lately, and now my daughter wants us to start making it together.  A lot of the recipes I’ve seen call for simmering the broth for 24 to 48 hours.  I love the fact that yours cooks in the slow cooker for just 8 hours.  Do you have a suggestion for the best place to get beef and chicken bones for a good price?  In order to make enough broth to drink some every day, we’ll need more bones than we get just from regular cooking.

    • Janelle, I’d talk to your local butcher about buying bulk bones for a cheaper price. Usually the back and neck pieces of chicken are fairly cheap to find. I know it takes a lot of bones but that’s what makes the broth so good. The 24 plus hours are really not needed especially in the case of chicken bones because after so many hours the bones just disintegrate and really don’t give up much in flavor or nutrition.

  • Finally, a realistic post in regards to this type of food and a reality check on what it is.  Here in Australia, all things broth have taken a bit of a hammering in recent years due to a well know paleo celebrity chef coming out and apparently suggesting that bone broth be given to babies instead of breast milk or formula – everybody went nuts!

    I have never been in the habit of drinking it but my grandmother, who was a chef in her own right, would always say that any soup or casserole that was not made from these bases was a total waste of time and taste.  I always make them as a soup base in winter and add to our slow cooker at every opportunityg].

    to be honest, I was not real up to date with the health benefits re collagen etc. so will add a little to my glass from now on too.

    Thanks again


    • Hi Paul! Instead of breast milk?? lol Ya learn something new everyday! I don’t think the babies would like that change. Everything they need is in that milk so let’s keep the broth for the adults. 

      Grandmothers are awesome aren’t they? 

      Your adding some broth to a little glass for yourself made me laugh.  Thank you for the awesome feedback and comments:)

      Happy New Year!

  • Agree this winter is horrible. Look at us in NYC, it was raining all day on New Year’s eve and it was in the 50s F. While before thanksgiving we got hit by the worst snow storm ever!. I love a stock, Thanks for the recipe by the way. I love chicken matzo ball soup that is the best in winter. I also love a really good beef bone marrow soup, it is so rich and hearty and it keeps you warn in the winter. Have you had it before? Basically it is the Vietnamese noodle soup called Pho. You can get it with bone marrow, tripe and raw brisket, those are my thing some people get grossed out by it though lol. Love the post, will try the recipe tomorrow.

    • Hi Nuttanee! I love Pho..I always tell everyone, ” u pronounce it fuuuuuuuuuuuh.” I usually get blank stares back. lol. I’d say the only thing I get a little ewwed by is the tripe….gets me every time. lol. Thanks for stopping by:) I appreciate the comments!

  • Hey there, Ya know what, like you mention i have noticed the same trend here in Arizona. Everyone getting sick and stuffy. So i like right away where you are going with the bone broth idea. i found all the information very helpful. thanks for the awesome recipe. i will have to ry it myself. wonderful job, and story!

  • This looks delicious and I love the style of your blog – so friendly. I feel like I already know you.

     I have recently gotten into bone broth myself lately. It just seems so fitting for winter, even down here in sweltering Florida. I will definitely try out this recipe. A friend of mine has the flu and will definitely appreciate it.

    • Thanks Caterina! It’s pretty sweltering here in Georgia too. lol. At least it was cold for Christmas! New Years Day I think it reached 70? lol I hope your friend feels better and please come back and visit me:)

  • I just learned the other day about preparing bone broth in an apparatus called the ‘Instant Pot’. it’s a very affordable pressure cooker. I don’t have one myself yet but my daughter does and we prepared a stew with it in under an hour and it was absolutely perfect. That’s when my daughter told me how she does bone broth in it, in a fracture of the time normally required and it’s fantastic. Another tip is to use bones from organically grown beef or chicken. Thanks for this great article. 

    • Hi Myles. Yep! I’ve put off on getting the instant pot because they now have a ninja that does the same things AND is also an air fryer. lol. So….I’m just deciding. And yes those things are AMAZING and cut your cook time into less than half. It’s funny how people reinvent things. Pressure cookers have been around forever but now they’ve added tons of features and cook books dedicated to pressure cooking so it’s a trend.

      Good tip on the using organic bones for your broth! I did forget to mention that in my post.:)

  • Thanks for your grateful healthy tips.I didn’t know about collagens and now I have got ideas about it.You have also talked about vitamin C and I got concerned is it for only children or elderly people can also take. Thanks very much,let me hear from you and again do we have foods where we can get vitamin d?

    • Hi Atwabi. Thanks for the comment. Vitamin C is good for people no matter what their age. It’s found in citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes) and also veggies like cauliflower and broccoli. Vitamin D is naturally found in eggs, cheese, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. I personally take a Vitamin D supplement because I know I don’t eat enough of these things and Vitamin D helps in the synthesis of calcium in the body (which you need for strong bones).

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