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About Me

Hi there! My name’s Jennifer and I’ve been immersed in the food world for quite some time. I earned my culinary degree back in 2008 and entered the professional kitchen while still in school to try and get my feet wet. After graduating college I went on to work in several different types of food venues; everything from large scale cooking (in Virginia Beach, VA) to smaller scale fine dining and small plates (in Savannah, GA). In my twenties I lived and breathed all things food. The stack of cookbooks on my bed took the place of my husband (now ex) when he was on long deployments. My television was always tuned to some cooking show or just stuck on the food network channel. I worked the long hours and cooked, and cooked, and cooked…and eventually found myself losing the passion I once had for my chosen profession.

I decided to throw in the kitchen towel and head back in to food retail whilst finding my passion for something else, or hopefully rekindling the love I once had. It’s taken a few years and honestly, a few health concerns to find myself plunging back in to the field-but now,for a different reason. I work full time and between my job, family obligations, and, I find myself hard up for some REAL food. A hearty meal in the morning to push me forward til lunch, or a healthy snack that will help me blast through the new workout I want to try at the gym.

So, here I am. Scouring through my faithful cookbooks, reading others blogs and recipes (and all the comments that go with them) to find the best of the best for myself-and for you! Even before making the recipes I make little (sometimes big) adjustments according to the flavor profile, cooking times, etc based on my experience in kitchens and what I know will work best (for flavor and sometimes to just save time). My hope is to explore this world of food once again, but through new, more experienced eyes and journal about it as I go and maybe bring inspiration to others as well as back to myself.

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